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Will MAC store change the way of computer users acquiring software?

December 4 2012 , Written by minitool Published on #recover lost data, #mac data recovery, #mac data recovery software, #minitool mac data recovery

Since Apple pushed out MAC store in January, 2011, it seems that Apple has obtained much interest through three years' management of iTunes store, so it tries to change the way of computer users acquiring software with MAC store. There is much objection against Apple and this decision on the Internet. Most users think they have been used to this way of acquiring software from software developers or third-party websites. They don't like this change of MAC store, and think this is going to lose.

But things seem to be different. In December 12, 2011, Apple announced that MAC store had reached a download number of 100 million. Does this mean Apple store has already been approved by MAC users accordingly? The answer is yes. With more and more users approving MAC store, it is gradually changing the way users have been used to of acquiring software from software developers or third-party websites. Undeniably, this is beneficial for users.

With traditional way of acquiring software, it doesn't mean we can use software well. Maybe we will encounter all kinds of problems, causing software being unable to operate or more serious result, such as compatibility and virus. Downloading software form third-party websites is a main cause of virus attack. Virus will bring us terrible damage; for example, it damages important data in computer and steals private information. Though we can recover lost data with professional MAC data recovery software like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery when data loss caused by virus attack happens, it is still in risk of data overwriting in MAC data recovery.

If we acquire software from MAC store, we can avoid much trouble. At first, MAC store is upgraded in time from software official websites, so it has no compatibility problem. Users can easily find the suitable software. Secondly, software in MAC store has been strictly examined by sandbox program. The software itself won't bring serious leak or virus. We can trust software in MAC store a lot. So our private information and data security is guaranteed.

As known to all, MAC store has become the largest and the most fast developing application store on line. This means computer users probably will approve this change of acquiring software. In addition, MAC store has reached a great achievement only in one year. The biggest competitor – Microsoft has acquiesced in this reformation. The newest Window operating system – Windows 8 is added with Windows Store. Its performance still needs to be checked.

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