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Users help Windows Server 2008 resize partition with Server partition resizer!

February 20 2013 , Written by minitool Published on #Server 2008 resize partition, #resize partition, #2008 resize partition, #Server 2008 resize, #Server partition resizer

Server partition management problems really bother users a lot in daily Windows Server 2008 use. How to solve the problem that some partitions have much unallocated space while other partitions are lack of partition space? If users think Server 2008 Resize...

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How to partition hard disk without turning to other people?

October 30 2012 Published on #partition hard disk, #resize partition, #partition magic alternatives

When computer users (especially the numerous Windows operating users) who don’t know well about computer knowledge and hard disk structure want to better partition hard disk and manage hard disk, they feel the operations are very difficult. Since Microsoft’s...

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