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Power failure occurs when we convert system partition file system

December 28 2012 , Written by minitool Published on #data recovery software, #data recovery

As we all know, many ways can convert file system, such as format partition, use commend prompt to convert, and use the third-party disk management software. Among various file system converting methods, I never use formatting partition to convert file system, because I don’t think it is a good method. If we use formatting partition to convert file system, we have to suffer the loss of all partition data. Before converting file system with this method, we have to spend lots of time to backup partition data. Besides, after converting format, we must restore backup to the partition. This method is really time-consuming and energy-consuming, so I am unwilling to use it. Actually, I prefer to use commend prompt to convert file system.

It is very easy to use commend prompt to convert file system. As long as we enter converting file system command in command prompt, we can convert partition form without damaging data. As far as I know, compared with using the third-party disk management software, this method has certain risk, for example, if system crashes or computer restarts or power failure occurs during converting process, we may suffer unexpected results. However, I personally think such a kind of accident rarely occurs, and I always ignore this problem. But after experiencing an accident last week, I gave up such a kind of converting method. Because once accident occurs, there will be great disaster.

It is like this, since I am more familiar with computer operation in my company, many colleagues will ask for my help when encountering some simple bugs. Last week, one of my colleagues asked me to help adjust file system of system partition. Certainly, I was very willing to help him. He told me that since plenty of important data information is stored in his system partition, he wanted to convert FAT32 to NTFS to enhance data security. It is very simple to me, so I opened the command prompt to enter “convert c:/fs:ntfs” command, and then clicked “Enter”, telling him the problem would be solved soon. However, accident occurred. Some unknown causes led to power failure, so I didn’t know whether the converting process was completed. I didn’t encounter such a situation, so I didn’t know the serious data loss disaster would happen.

After he dealt with this problem for several-minutes, the circuit normally starts. My colleague called me again, so I was surprised whether the partition format is not successfully converted. I restarted the computer, only to find “Operation System not found” in interface. I knew that errors had occurred during file system converting process, and caused system partition to lose. At that time, I did not know how to solve this problem, so I told my colleague to reinstall operating system. He was surprised, and told me plenty of important data is stored in system partition. Therefore, if he reinstalled operating system, all data would be lost. He asked me whether there are other available solutions, so I comforted him and got back to my computer to search for data recovery method. In an article about data recovery, I found a piece of data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery which can help recover data in lost partition. At that time, I thought of a solution and told him. He trusts me and agreed to perform recovery operations. I connected the hard disk in his computer to my computer, and then recovered the lost important data with data recovery software MiniTool Power Data Recovery. Finally, reinstall the operating system.

By this way, I solved the problem caused by my carelessness. Besides, I understand two things: firstly, using system built-in tool to convert file system suffers great risk. Once the risk occurs, we may suffer many troubles. Therefore, using the third-party partition management software is a safer way to convert partition form. Secondly, if we employ a piece of data recovery software in the computer, when encountering accidental data loss event, we can timely recover lost data and efficiently decrease losses. Do you gain some new things after reading this article?

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