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Mac in danger!!

January 18 2013 , Written by minitool Published on #mac data recovery, #recover lost data

With the keeping increase of Apple product market share, hackers spying on Mac users become more and more. Although Apple had suggested that Mac users build security arrangement as far back as in 2002, many years of the publicity of Mac being absolute safe from Apple has made many users firmly believe that Mac is security, so they don't take any protecting measures before they are attacked by hackers.

Mac operating system is based on Unix, so the security of basic code has been proved by time. And Sandboxie is used to quarantine applications and process in order to limit file accessing and operations executed by programs. It is harder for malicious software to access other applications, create and use other data. But compared with Windows, the structure of Mac operating system is much easier to allow attackers to attach executable code to the currently trusted applications, so hackers can add malicious programs to the trusted applications. The application seems worth of trust, but if it operates, the malicious program will boot at the same time and Mac users are threatened.

Although applications are annoying, the main point taken advantage of by attacker is from Mac users themselves who have less safety awareness than Windows users. Malicious programs aimed at Mac are mostly from the third-party software and software based on Java. Mac Trojans, which are known to all, are often disguised as seed on BitTrrent or implanted to Website as a needed download link or plug-in for some attracting videos. For example, currently popular variation virus of OSX/Flashback.A has tried to install itself by using the two known Java defects. If the two defects can not be used, it will attempt the third method, deceiving users into confirming the installation. Its little program will prevent to be a self-signature certification released by Apple. Users may click "Continue" to install the Trojan without getting detailed information of the program owing to the trust to Apple. Now, our Mac is not safe any more.

However, in daily Mac use, we should pay much attention to Mac security, treating Mac like Windows. We are supposed to install excellent anti-virus software and set the Firewall. And enterprises ought to build hardware firewall and security system. If data are lost after malicious, the professional Mac data recovery software MiniTool Mac Data Recovery can be used to recover lost data, reducing loss caused by malicious as much as possible.

If you haven't paid enough attention to Mac, you can do nothing but regret after it is invaded. It is due to the same reason that the serious Worm.Blaster brought irreparable loss all over the world. If you are using Mac for work or entertainment, strict security arrangement is necessary. And if Mac data are lost, timely Mac data recovery is also needed.

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