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Is Mac operating system optimization a blessing or a disaster?

January 7 2013 , Written by minitool

Because of the quality promotion of Mac and the special user experience, Mac is adored by more and more users. In the process of Mac use, I believe most friends once thought of optimizing Mac operating system to ensure Mac runs normally. However, Mac operating system optimization is not a piece of easy work for common users, because they do not have a deep understanding of professional computer knowledge. Thus, they are unable to optimize Mac operating system. At this time, some users may say they can resort to optimization software. Indeed, it is a good method. Nevertheless, since Mac operating system is different from Windows which is widely used and most software is developed for Windows, there is little software supporting Mac. As a result, it is quite difficult for Mac users to find a software to optimize Mac operating system. Besides, in current software market, there are so many software products which will bring threats to data security. If we download this kind of software, we may suffer serious consequences. I believe no one is willing to see this result. In addition, Mac optimization software is always very expensive. I believe most common Mac users can not afford it. Although Mac users can download system management tools like iBoostUp from Mac App Store, it just allows to free clear cookies, delete language text, optimize hard drive, and shred files. And other optimization operations are not allowed unless we pay for them. So, Mac optimization is not thorough.

Furthermore, when we optimize Mac, important data may be cleared away. That is because this kind of software is unable to recognize file security. For sake of computer safety, it may clear away important data, bringing us serious losses. It is undoubtedly a heavy blow for us.

Well, when important data are lost because of operating system optimization, is there a good way to recover lost data? For this question, there is no definite answer, and it depends on the optimization degree of the software. For example, for simply deleted data, we can recover them. Professional Mac data recovery software like MiniTool Mac Data Recovery can realize deleted Mac data recovery easily. But for these data which have been shredded or wiped, it is difficult to realize data recovery. And even professional data recovery companies can not ensure recovering data completely.

The above introduction fully shows us that operating system optimization may bring us hidden threats to data although it can promote computer running efficiency. So, when selecting system optimization software, we should pay much attention to data security.

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