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Difference between MBR disk and GPT disk

November 5 2012 , Written by minitool Published on #partition magic, #covert disk, #Difference between MBR disk and GPT disk

With the widely spreading of computer, it is used for office work, education, entertainment, and medical treatment, etc. With the extensively applying of computer, users' demands for computer configuration are also growing, especially in this information age, and demands for storage space can be strict. For larger enterprises, thousands of GB is already not enough, they always ask for TB storage devices. At this time, we have to know the concept of MBR disk and GPT disk. Are you wondering the differences between these two types of disk? Let me introduce you something about them.

In general, we employ MBR disk so we can only create no more primary partitions than four. In MBR disk, users are only allowed to create four primary partitions. In MBR partition table, one partition is limited within 2TB capacity, and the initial sector of every partition must be located in the front 2TB of disk. If you have a 3TB disk and employ MBR disk, you have to divide it into at least two partitions, and the initial sector of last partition should be in the front 2TB. If we have too large a disk, we should better convert MBR disk to GPT disk. Next, let me introduce you something about GPT.

GPT disk supports 18 EB (Exabyte), compared with MBR disk which only supports largest 2TB volume and four primary partitions, and it has no limitation of partition number, but partition number may be limited by operating system. In addition, GPT disk has partition table backup, promoting partition data structure completeness. If you employ super large disk, it is better to convert MBR disk to GPT disk.

Methods of converting MBR disk to GPT disk are multitudinous. Many built-in disk management tools of operating system (For example Windows 7) are able to convert MBR disk to GPT disk. But Windows XP has no such a function. To convert MBR disk to GPT disk, it is suggested to rely on professional partition magic like MiniTool Partition Wizard.

However, you should pay attention to the premise of no partition existing in disk, and otherwise we can't realize converting. If there are partitions, we can delete them. Therefore, it is suggested not to convert the disk where system partition is from MBR to GPT. We should also backup data in advance before performing converting.

With my introduction, I believe you have already known certain things about MBR and GPT. As to the choosing between the two, you should choose according to your specific situation. My opinion only provides you with suggestion.

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