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Competition between security of MAC OS X Lion and Windows 7

November 27 2012 , Written by minitool Published on #Competition between security of MAC OS X Lion and Windows 7, #security of MAC OS X Lion, #security of Windows 7, #recover lost mac data, #data recovery software

Security of MAC OS X has always been the hot topic of computer users. Most users have compared the security between MAC OS X and the most widely used Windows operating systems. But they have never reached an agreement. With the release of newest Apple operating system – MAC OS X Lion and newest Windows operating system – Windows 7, competition between security of MAC OS X and Windows has moved to these two new operating systems.

Recently, I have seen a hot post about comparison of security between MAC OS X Lion and Windows 7, imitating the way most users have compared before. It is mainly aimed at comparing the success rate of virus attack. The result is that MAC OS X Lion wins over Windows 7. This test is very meaningless for me, and the writer also has shown his attitude that this result is not fair enough. Windows is the main goal of most hackers and computer virus developers.

Most computer viruses are aimed at Windows operating systems. As MAC OS X operating systems have really different design of framework, these viruses seldom threaten MAC OS X much. That's why MAC OS X wins over Windows 7 in this test. I agree with this view a lot. He has refuted most unfair comparison between these two kinds of operating systems, and explained his opinion at last. However, at the end of his article, I still feel it unfair.

He thinks that if the positions of MAC OS X and Windows are changed and if MAC OS X is the main target of computer viruses, as MAC OS X has no strong support from third-party security software market, and MAC OS X has no rich experience as Windows, MAC OS X Lion will absolutely lose in the competition. Therefore, he says MAC OS X Lion has poorer security than Windows 7. I feel it non-sense that he arbitrarily judged MAC OS X Lion is not as secure as Windows 7.

Undeniably, I agree with the front part of this article. But the latter part has completely lost sight of the effort that Apple has done to MAC OS X Lion, especially the improvement of Safari in MAC OS X Lion. Once some hackers tried to attack MAC OS X through security leak of Safari, and they succeeded at last. But the newest Safari V5.1 has been divided into two parts: user interface and Webkit engine. This solution avoids dangers to the greatest extent. Even though one part is attacked, the other one will still be secure.

In addition, Apple has also employed a piece of security protection technology named ASLR that is aimed at buffer zone overflowing. This technology is able to prevent attackers from fixing code position and stop overflowing attack. Besides promoting MAC OS X, Apple also encourages third-party developers to develop security software aiming at MAC OS X. The famous anti-virus software – Kaspersky Virus Scanner and data recovery software – MiniTool Mac Data Recovery, which recovers lost MAC data efficiently, also improve MAC OS X Lion security a lot.

In my own opinion, the competition between security of MAC OS X Lion and Windows 7 will still remain. Wait patiently, and we will see what's in the future. As long as we choose one favorable operating system, and do well in data security work such as data recovery solution and anti-virus solution, we can keep a secure computer environment.

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