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How to recover deleted files from SD card with MiniTool Power Data Recovery?

April 25 2013 , Written by minitool Published on #recover deleted files, #sd card file recovery, #data recovery software, #undeleted recovery, #minitool power data recovery

As a kind of portable storage devices, SD cards are widely used in digital cameras, PDA, digital players and other digital products. Although SD card provides us with high storage capacity, compared with storage devices like hard disk, its capacity is...

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Using Mac data recovery software to fast and completely recover deleted Macintosh data

April 23 2013 , Written by minitool Published on #Mac data recovery software, #recover deleted Macintosh data, #minitool mac data recovery, #undeleted recovery

Are you bothered by the important Macintosh data loss events caused by improper operations? Do you want to completely recover the lost important Macintosh data with the best Macintosh data recovery solution? The answer is beyond doubts., using Mac data...

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Excellent server partition software makes server partition management easy, safe, and complete.

April 17 2013 , Written by minitool Published on #Server partition management, #server partition software, #manage server partition, #partition management

In the past, server users could only use system built-in disk management tool to manage server partition. Since this tool provides few functions like create partition, delete partition, and format partition, users could not accomplish good server partition...

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Professional Mac file recovery software for users to recover lost files on Mac

April 10 2013 , Written by minitool Published on #recover lost files on Mac, #recover lost files, #Mac file recovery, #Mac file recovery software, #file recovery software

Files on Mac will be lost, too. If some important files are lost, it may cause serious losses. Therefore, it is important to recover lost files on Mac. Professionals are able to recover lost files in many situations. They can even solve some problems...

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We can merge partitions for Windows 8 in two different ways

April 3 2013 , Written by minitool Published on #merge partitions for Windows 8, #merge partitions, #merging partitions for Windows 8, #merging partitions, #partition magic

The above picture shows a Windows 8 user's partition allocation on a hard disk. Partition F: and Partition H: are both used to store pictures but they both have much spare space. This condition is detrimental to data storage. Actually, we can merge the...

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